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Designer Christophe Delcourt presents “Horses in my dreams” during Milan Design Week 2024, where he expresses his fascination with the duality of the horse, symbolising both freedom and discipline. His work explores the very essence of the rider and their relationship with this animal. Rather than adopting a conventional equestrian aesthetic, Delcourt prefers to evoke the elusive, where drawing becomes movement, material begins to sing, and furniture becomes gesture and rhythm. Each element and each assembly reinforce one another, reflecting the symbiosis between rider and horse. “Horses in my dreams” thus offers a sensual, intimate, and unique vision of this universe, where the designer’s eye merges with the animal’s gesture to create a landscape where material and craftsmanship unite in a singular harmony.

A wide range of fabrics is entirely produced in-house. A new range appears on a series of folding screens featuring a pattern designed by the founder’s daughter, Iris Delcourt.

Horses in My Dreams by Delcourt Collection

EME Armchair, AKE Low table & Console

UGO Pendant light , ORS Table

DUA Cabinet, ARI Chair

EDY Sofa & Armchair, ORA Low table

IBO Bed & Bed Console

DAK Armchair

Photos © Francis Amiand