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Genesis Vase by Glenn Sestig x Garnier &Linker

Bringing together material honesty, functionality and a quiet sense of sophistication, the Genesis vase has its roots in Glenn Sestig’s architectural training. The piece was conceived as a generous, brutalist object, composed of two distinct parts; a delicate patinated bronze vessel that contains the water and flowers, and a solid, semi-transparent block of glass created in lost-wax casting that hugs it, anchoring it to the ground.

The concept is clear, thanks to the two discrete volumes that can be easily detached from one another, but the decision to work the design around them was not purely aesthetic. This gesture allows the user to lift just the bronze part, when the vase needs cleaning or refilling, instead of having to handle the piece as a whole, dealing therefore with a much larger, heavier item. The bronze part’s softly curved side makes it easy to grasp. Yet when the container is nestled back into the glass element, the piece is complete again, the two volumes’ soft curves fitting neatly and perfectly against each other. Genesis was made in France as a limited-edition piece together with Garnier & Linker, for Ormond Editions in Geneva.
(Ellie Stathaki)

Genesis Vase is created in collaboration with Garnier & Linker in France, in a limited edition of 20 pieces, for Ormond Editions.

Photo © Jean-Pierre Gabriel Lebailly
Film © Ne-o Jake Knight & Ryoko Tanaka