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Zak & Fox

From the beginning ZAK+FOX has been rooted in the notion that the greatest ideas can come from the most unlikely of places.

After studying conceptual art at the San Francisco Art Institute, Creative Director Zak Profera founded ZAK+FOX in 2012 in tribute to one’s absolute imagination. “Every craftsman searches for what’s not there to practice his craft.” said the Sufi poet Rumi, long ago. The company’s collections are the result of that continuous search — it is the lacuna between history and myth that keep one in perpetual wonder. Informed by a dedication to understanding the unfamiliar and personal experience through travel afar, its offerings are a revelation far more than the sum of its parts. Whether fantastically dreamt original compositions or vestiges of archives reimagined respectfully as preservation, the company’s designs all lead us to seeing the real world anew, magical and unadulterated.

ZAK+FOX runs its production and executes its vision in partnership with the world’s premier weavers, printers and master artisans through a network tracing the global circumference. Each is unparalleled in their craft and thoughtfully considered for the work they create, be it a bespoke commission or production en-masse. Steadfast relationships with each maker have been nurtured over time and are just as critical a component as the materials themselves.